Yipes Stripes automobile striping makes cars and trucks special. Our painted stripes make each automobile more appealing to the owner. Yipes Stripes designs help buyers to really enjoy their purchases. Our Yipes Stripes PERMA-SRIPE system is a unique paint formulation that lasts beautifully for the life of the vehicle. The application is quick and easy and can be applied in 1 to 100 degrees. Nearly instantaneous drying allows very quick turnaround for each car or truck striped.

Painted Surfaces do not chip or peel like decal stripes can, and customers are demanding the higher quality painted stripes. Stickers are for kids! From MILD to WILD let YIPES STRIPES show your personality.

Who can learn to apply the PERMA-STRIPE system? Just about anyone. No artisitic ability or mechanical experience is necessary. For a franchise opportunity brochure call 800-947-3755

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